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What Is A Chatbot? | Chattabotz

What Is A Chatbot?

Think of a chatbot as an app that users interact with in a conversational way. Bots can communicate conversationally with text, cards, or speech. A bot may be as simple as basic pattern matching with a response, or it may be a sophisticated weaving of artificial intelligence techniques with complex conversational state tracking and integration to existing business services.

Chatbots increase response time and thus improve customer satisfaction by automating customer support. An alarming stat released by Gartner forecasts estimates that by 2020, almost 85% of customer interactions will be handled solely by bots, thus limiting human interaction. It is important to note that chatbots are not limited to customer responses but rather have an array of abilities that can be carried out. These include collecting information about users, helping to organize meetings and reducing overhead costs.
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What is a chatbot
Chatbots and conversational interfaces are heralding a new era of commerce. According to Harvard Business Review, “chatbots are changing how companies talk with customers.”

To understand the nature of chatbot conversations it is important to understand that there are 2 main types of chatbots:
These are chatbots whose behaviour is determined by rules. At each step in the conversation the user will need to pick from explicit options to determine the next step in the conversation.
Intelligent chatbots are chatbots that are built with artificial intelligence techniques. Artificial intelligence allows them to be more flexible in terms of the user input they can accept.
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